Bored? Make a sock beanie!

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Bored? Make a sock beanie!

Post by Tehwereferret on Sat Oct 03, 2015 8:55 am

I got bored, so I decided, hey it's cooling down! It's beanie weather! Boom! Spare sock transformed into a lovely hat for my girl.

What you need:
Old sock, needle and thread, scissors

1. Cut the tube to the length you need it. I used Talia to measure how far I want it on her head.
2. Flip the tube inside out
3. Gather the top and sew it together. Since I know little of seeing, I just looped it through the fabric making sure I passed through the gathers as much as possible.
4. Flip it back out 
5. Decorate if need be

Here's the YouTube video I saw it on:

Here's Talia in her black cap. I need to modify it so her ears poke out.


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